WordPress 4.9: New Version Ready With Several New Features


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Recently, WordPress announced on its official blog the main novelties that the new version WordPress 4.9 of its file management system will have available for the creation of blogs and websites.

Within this article published on October 31, users are invited to try out the features through a plugin or add-on or by downloading the latest beta version of WordPress.

News and additions in WordPress 4.9

The new version of Word Press, 4.9 has made more than 30 changes since the last publication of the beta that was made exactly one week ago, significantly improving the performance of websites that use this CMS or code file management system open.

Thus, this new version corresponds to the second most important year release expected by users, however, this compilation responds to those users who want to customize and manage websites quickly but at the same time powerful.

In this sense, WordPress 4.9 presents a new way to save changes in the website customizer , saving the information as a draft or as some publication scheduled or intended for the future, discarding changes or restoring options according to the version of publication desired.

In addition to this, the option to share the preview of the links is added , allowing users to review the changes made from the WordPress control panel.

It has also been improved, the navigation experiences of the themes incorporated into WordPress , in this sense, an important area is the UX personalization which will help to check, download or activate directly from the themes personalizer.

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This is what this new version has:

1.- The Scheduler and Saved Drafts

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Sometimes you want to make a major change in a page or blog, these design changes had to be done globally on the site and massively, causing each design movement to be an “all or nothing”. With this new feature, WordPress allows us to make these changes in a scheduled manner, saving design drafts and monitoring in a controlled manner when these changes are reflected in the site where we are working.

This change replaces the previous unique “Publish” feature that sent the changes to our published site immediately. Now we can treat the style of our sites as if they were content, taking care when and how we publish them.Word Press 4.9 Preview

We can work on the design and have it ready in our WordPress to release it at the right time, without having to wait of a new design or version. In addition we can see a preview of the changes made without having to publish or have a previous environment or development.

2.- The Syntax Errors Reviewer

Now WordPress helps you with the correction of errors in your CSS code. With this tool it is easy to identify errors in your design of styles since in addition to marking errors it gives you tips and clues on how to correct it.

If you are an expert Front End developer, you can deactivate this feature on your profile page.

These are 2 of the main improvements, but there are more.

  1. New widgets  to add galleries, videos and other media in your content.
  2. When changing Themes the widgets will remain in the place where you had them with the previous theme.
  3. Find and have a preview of new Themes, with this change you can search and see what your site looks like with more than 2,600 topics before making a change in the productive version of your page or blog.
  4. The creation of Menus is now more intuitive than in previous versions.
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Another important point before finalizing is the preparation that this version entails for the implementation of Gutenberg, a new editor that will be released for WordPress in the release of the next major version, as promised in the WordPress community.

Are you going to download it?

WordPress 4.9 is a necessary improvement for those users who use this platform, it will bring a good amount of changes and new features that will improve the user experience . Are you interested in these proposals, which one do you prefer?

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