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But none of those megastars is close to T-Series, a label and Indian film producer that has the most watched YouTube channel in the world. His videos have been viewed 53 billion times. The channel earns more than 100 thousand subscribers per day and is about to become the channel with the most subscribers on YouTube.

T-Series was founded in the early 80’s by Gulshan Kumar as a cassette tape operation. He ascended from the broadcast of pirated recordings to the production of music for Bollywood films. By the mid-1990s, the company was a central part of India’s media landscape, with subdivisions in film, television, real estate and even toothpaste and detergent.

T-Series posting trailers and music videos from his catalog on YouTube in late 2010, but most of India was not online yet.

India’s internet access received a big boost in September 2016, when Reliance Industries spent 35 billion dollars to launch India’s first 4G network, Reliance Jio, which offers data and free calls at minuscule costs.

The action, combined with the affordable price of smartphones, brought the Internet to more than 200 million people.

At the time of Jio’s launch, T-Series produced dozens of videos every month for its 12 million subscribers. A year later, the number had doubled.

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Currently, the channel has 70 million subscribers, and its videos average 6.5 million views each.

Your YouTube channel earns millions of dollars a year, according to Socialblade, YouTube’s data analysis site.

Its strategy has been to provide a home for the top tier of stars and flood the market with content that includes regional music and religious songs.

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In addition to the main Bollywood channel, T-Series has 28 more channels, each oriented towards a different portion of a country that speaks dozens of dialects.

“We have no choice but to release all that content,” said Neeraj Kalyan, president of T-Series. “Each content has its own audience and, therefore, is almost never cannibalized.”

And T-Series is finding an audience not only in India but also outside the country; only less than half of the T-Series traffic comes from India. In 2016, the company signed a license agreement with Amazon for movie premieres.

Kalyan hopes to woo Indian populations around the world and produce Bollywood crossover artists that can match the global appeal of BTS from South Korea or Bad Bunny from Puerto Rico.

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