How to Make Your Website Standout from the Competition


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Now that we know the importance of having a web page in the digital ecosystem, Here we will review a list of good practices to stand out from our competitors.

1 Design adaptable to devices

Your website must be able to be displayed in the harriers and mobile devices most used in the market.

2 Content Marketing

Content is king in the digital universe! Everything you post should be relevant, original, useful and easily shared by users.

3 Have a well-defined structure

Make sure that all sections of your website have up-to-date, valuable information and intuitive access for the client.

4 Provide a user-friendly experience

Think more, design less! Visitors must be able to navigate your site until they find the information or products they require in the quickest and easiest way possible.

5 Have a minimum load time

The average user waits approximately 3 seconds for a site to be displayed in its entirety. What is the use of your content being relevant if visitors leave the page due to excessive loading time?

6 Have a simple URL

The address of your website must be short, easy to remember and relevant in the market segment you are targeting. The main objective at this point is that your customers locate you in a simple and fast way.

7 Be social (Social media)

You must encourage the user’s participation with your brand by keeping him involved through direct interaction, comments, customer service, guidelines and surveys.

9 Call the user to action (Call to action)

Providing a button or link for subscription, purchase or registration is an excellent practice. It is not enough to attract your potential customers, convert them into frequent users.

10 Your Idea

Do you know some other good practices to highlight your competition website? We would appreciate if you share them with us in the comments.

We read very soon. Let’s not forget that by sharing knowledge, we share the future. Take a tour of our blog for more topics related to digital marketing.


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