3 Reason – Why the Tejas Express Train fail?


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The country’s first Tejas Express has failed. The train is not getting a ride. Despite having the capacity of 1100 passengers, these days, he goes to Goa with about 50 – 100 passengers and comes back to Mumbai from Goa. Here is the listed top 3 reason why Tejas express failed.

Reason 1 : Run on the Wrong Route

There are many facts of Tejas Express’s failures in which the first thing is that it has been run on the wrong route. Goa is not a business route from Mumbai. It is a tourist route and on this route, most of the passengers travel to Bombay from Goa. In such a situation, they either catch the flight or travel by over night from the train. Tejas Express does not fit anywhere in it.

Reason 2 : Journey Timimg

Secondly, its speed was increased and the journey was reduced to two hours, but still it took more than nine hours. The train leaves Mumbai in the morning and returns to Goa at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. It is difficult for any traveler to travel nine hours a day. It is also difficult to know that the train is departing from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 5.00 in the morning, and to catch, obviously someone will have to leave the house before 4 o’clock in the morning. No tourist travels in such a state of turmoil, so during the Ganesh festival, when people were compelled to travel, then the train was filled up, after that, when people had to travel voluntarily, people turned their backs.

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Reason 3 : Fare of the Train

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For the third and the biggest mistake, the fare of the train was kept even hundred times the centenary. This was another difficult challenge for Tejas, which he could not achieve. Tejas fare between Mumbai and Goa is Rs 1600 and Rs 3100, respectively. This price is very much on this route; that too, then both cities are better connected with air traffic. Goa’s air fare sits between two and three thousand rupees, then why spend so much money and spent some nine hours on the train?

Tejas Express did not have to plan between Mumbai and Goa. Its first route was fixed from Delhi to Lucknow which is called the Golden Route for the train. But possibly Suresh Prabhu took it to Goa Mumbai route and its route, time table, rent was all so impractical that Tejas was dizzy.

News of Tejas failed during the bullet train news in India is disappointing which also states that if the practical approach is not adopted with the trains, then the good plan also fails. Just like the Tejas train.

Suresh Prabhu has brought many revolutionary schemes, including the operation of Hamsafar and Tejas train but his fare policy has been very unpractical. For instance, he had applied the dynamic pricing system in the capital, distant and centrally trains, so that the rent of the train started costing the plane too.

As a result, the Delhi-based Rajdhani Express, which was never empty, also traveled with more than one-third of the vacant seats. Later, a committee was examined and it was discovered that this happened because of the dynamic fare of the train.

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By putting dynamic fare, the Railways lost revenue of more than what they earned. It is hoped that the new Railway Minister will repair such non-curative measures so that the Railways also do not have any deficit and passengers also benefit.

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