12 Tools that every Entrepreneur needs to be able to start


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Since I started this blog, one of my main objectives has been to follow tools that help entrepreneurs to successfully improve their business initiatives.

As there are hundreds of free tools that you can find through the multiple sections of the blog, I have appreciated preparing a particular with the selection of tools that I have personally enjoyed and consider as fundamental when opening. I hope these tools are of great convenience for your endeavor.

If you know of any other important tool, do not hesitate to share it in the comments.

Validation Board: It is a tool created by Lean Startup Machine that allows you to test your business representations through the validation of the hypotheses that sustain it, and thus define if they are viable. The Validation Board, even known as lean startup validation dashboard, is developed under the rudiments of the Lean Startup and Customer Development methodologies. Thanks to this tool you will be able to test and authenticate your business idea by interacting with the market in advance to use all your capital to accelerate your business.

Template in excel: to make the projections of your plan Financial projections in excel Thanks to this template, manufactured by Miguel Angel Nuñez (founder and CEO of, you can execute multiple financial projections of your business project. The template is deviated in brand new areas. By presenting the factors you will achieve different financial statements and projections about your business. These are some of the projections generated by the tool: – Result status raised for the authentic five years. -Flow of funds planned with the detail of the exterior 12 months. -Flow of funds released to 5 years. -Calculation of the work of Balance. -Calculation of the Van and the Tir. And more…

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Business Model Generation Canvas: Canvas of subject models It is a tool of strategic rarity that allows you to articulate and specify the way your occupation works or will work. The tool consists of 9 blocks. Each of these buildings represents a key bird of the operation of a business. The idealization is that you have a decisive plan of your company to focus and take over that your profit manikin is sustainable, repeatable, scalable and profitable.

Elevator Pitch Builder: manufacture elevator pitch An elevator pitch is a short and convincing speech in which you explain the most important factors of your idea or business design. This is a great process to deter potential partners or investors from being part of our plan. The Elevator Pitch Builder is a tool created by Harvard Business School to help you erect an effective business speech. It is very easy to use and in the end you will be able to know the legion of words that your speech has, the approximate period that you would take to say it and how many repeated talks there are, the abstraction is to structure your speech step by step and optimize it until holding an elevator short, eloquent and effective pitch.

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WordPress: is a powerful CMS with which you can produce from a corporate website even an online store for your business. It is one of the most resonant and versatile space managers. Surely it will be of great benefit to squeeze the benefits of the Internet to your help. It has a great prodigality of plugins, templates and tools that allow you to enhance your profits and their functionalities.

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Freelance Calculator : Freelance Calculator One of the great dilemmas of the animated and freelance is to know how much to receive for their work, so they have discovered this useful online tool that will help you to specify the amounts of your work accoutrements. To use it nothing else you must affiliate a row of equivalent elements like how much you would like to beat the month, what are your monthly fixed payments, how much you like, etc. By adding these aspects, the calculator will automatically generate the amount you must earn per hour and how much you need to bill each month to earn the return you want.

Free software to Manage your Business free software for offices : In this blog we have shared dozens of alternatives for business software, although without uncertainty one of my favorites is Ega Futura for its familiarity and functionality. It is a software with an intuitive interface, friendly, easy to carry and completely in Spanish. It has a free lifetime translation for small businesses.

Biia Lab Free courses Biia Lab: Thanks to Biia Lab you can learn about marketing, curiosity, leadership, administration, crematistics and profuse other scripts of interest for decision-makers, employers and employees. You just need to register gracefully to gain immediate access to a wide variety of video intervals. If you wish, you can still obtain a membership to consent to certified softwares. A great tool to train and acquire concepts that allow you to grow personally and work.

Canva: tool for the daring It is an online tool to create visual spaces, equivalent as arrivals, infographics, images for social networks, postcards, banners, etc. In Canva you have at your disposal unequal templates that will allow you to comfortably create visual and high quality guilds. You can take the tool for free, however there are some premium templates that you must give back if you want to use them.

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Mailchimp: is an essential email marketing tool for your branch. With it you can take personalized mass transports to your clients, create a newsletter and make courtship to your email marketing campaigns. The free interpretation allows you to manage pads of email points with up to 2 thousand subscribers and dispatch a maximum of 12 thousand transports per month. If you plan with larger databases, you can check the income projects and acquire the program that you consider convenient.

Hootsuite: It is a platform of social network conspiracy that will allow you to create prints, interact with your audience, follow up on published spaces, etc. It is very decipherable to configure and employ. A succession you add your different social networks, you will save cash time in the management of your social media tactic.

Zenkit: Good for project management in your corporation It is a project conspiracy armor that combines the interests of tools such as lists, calendars, kanban, tables, spreadsheets and mental plans. The system allows you to structure the activities and growths of your subject of visual practice so that each member of the game can appreciate their tasks and the state of the process of the sketches.

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