The Best Bathroom Safety Equipment For Kids


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According to researchers, a bathroom is the most dangerous room at home. Ranging from injuries resulting from slippery floors to drowning, bathroom poses a greater danger to the young ones.

As kids come along, parents start directing their attention to the children’s safety products. However, when it comes to bathroom safety equipment, most parents can admit that it isn’t an easy task. Luckily, we exist. In this article, we are going to look at the bathroom safety equipment for kids and some of the bathroom safety tips that will ensure that your child won’t become a victim of the highly reported injuries.

Safety Bathroom Equipment For Kids

1. Grip Bars

Entering into or coming out of a wet and slippery bathtub poses a greater risk to kids as compared to adults. For this reason, you should focus on safety ways in and out of the tub. To ensure this, manufacturers have introduced grip bars. These barscan be attached to the tub walls or the shower walls.

They are usually large to provide enough space for kids to grasp to gain balance. Being one of the bathroom safety equipment, grip bars are easy to attach and hold tight for maximum safety for you and your young one.

Adorable baby boy taking a bath with soap suds on hair

2. Shower Caps

Shampoo at times gets in the eyes. For those who have ever found themselves in such a situation knows how bad it is. If it is bad for adults, for kids is automatically worse. Kids may even start fearing to take a shower because of that. Forcing an infant to take a bath may be one of the difficult activities you may encounter in the bathroom. But why use force? Turn the bathing moment to amoment of fun by getting your baby a shower cap.

Baby shower caps protect the infant’s eyes and ears from shampoo and water. They are usually made with soft material to ensure comfort to the baby when worn. Moreover, they are usually lightweight to avoid exerting much weight to your baby. When buying this product, consider the recommended size to avoid going for the wrong product. Adjustability feature will similarly be an essential consideration.

3. Thermostatic Shower Valves

Taking warm showers is sometimes dangerous. You need reliable equipment that will watch over the water temperatures as you or your infant take a shower. For this reason, you will need to incorporate a thermostatic shower valve in your shower system. Best thermostatic mixing valve can be important component of the shower system because it can help to detect changes in water temperature. When the temperature rises or falls with over 2 degrees Celsius, the shower will definitely shut to signify that something is not right. This means that you and your infant are protected from hot water and steam.

4. Bath Spout Covers

Kids like having fun. They at times climb the sides of the bathtub or even stand in it. Bathtubs are not so lenient when it comes to dealing with kids. Kids can easily slip or get injured as they have fun during bath time. There is the major part of the tub that poses a greater risk of injuring the little one- The bath spout.To prevent your kid from bumping his/her head on the spout, get a bath

spout cover. These covers are usually made of soft rubber to cushion your baby’s head in the event of knocking. Besides, they usually come in a toy-like structure appealing to the babies. Your little climber can now have fun when still staying safe from bumps.

5. Non-Slip Bathtub Mats

The major cause of injuries in the bathroom is slipping. Though the bathroom floor may be one of the slippery areas, the bathtub bottom is more dangerous. To ensure safety, you need to go for a non-slip bathtub mat.

These mats help to comfortably hold your baby preventing him/her from slipping when in the bathtub. Besides, most are made with the ability to resist mold and mildew growth. Your child can now enjoy bathing in a safe fungi-free environment.

6. Bath Steps

At a particular stage of growth, babies will want to do most of the things on their own. This may mean entering and coming out of the bath tub without the help of the seniors. Considering their height, it is impossible for them to go over the tall wall of the bathtub. To make it easy for them, you need to equip your bathroom with bath steps. A bath step offers an inexpensive and safe solution in entering and coming out of the bathtub. They have a slip-resistant textured finish that prevents slipping. Though some may not allow for adjustability, manufacturers have gone a step further to introduce adjustable bath steps. These bath steps offer great user flexibility. With most of them being attractive in nature, you can be guaranteed that kids will love to use them.

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7. Water Thermometers

Babies have an extremely sensitive skin. This means that bathing them in cold or hot water may pose a great risk to their health. For this reason, you will definitely need to monitor the water temperature before your kid commences bathing. For kids, it is highly recommendable to use waters with a temperature of 37-38 degrees Celsius lower than the adults’ which is 41-42 degrees Celsius.

Knowing the right water temperature is not an easy task as most people think. Some people tend to use their elbows to find out whether the temperature is safe for their kids. This is one way to do that. However, it may not always provide the proper judgment. Remember that your elbow does not have a scale, does it?

For maximum safety, you need to use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water every second spent in the tub. With some temperature detectors coming in the form of toys, manufacturers have gone a step further to introduce bath tubs with built-in thermometers. These thermometers are easy to read and have large displays for visibility ensuring that you don’t misread.

8. Faucet and Tap Protectors

Kids may be tempted to turn on the faucet. This exposes them to the risk of drowning especially when they don’t have an adult to watch over them. Kids can drown in water that is few inches deep. For those who have not yet known to speak, this can happen without even raising the alarm. In such cases, death can occur in a matter of few minutes if not seconds. To ensure safety, faucet and tap protectors offer a perfect solution to this. These protectors ensure that the kids don’t turn the water faucet on.

9. Toilet Lid Locks and Latches

We know very well that toddlers are full of curiosity. Therefore, too often, they are curious to lift the toilet lids to see what is inside. This exposes them to not only germs but also the risk of getting their little fingers injured by the heavy toilet lids. Luckily, there is a way that offers great support to your efforts of ensuring that you achieve a child-proof bathroom. A toilet lid lock is all you need to evade the many risks. Though adults can unlock with one hand, children will find it difficult to lift the lid.

10. Faucet Extenders

Faucets are majorly made with metal. This means that they may not provide a safe environment for the kids. With safety in mind, manufacturers have gone a mile further to introduce faucet extenders.Faucet extenders are usually made of soft yet durable plastic material to ensure that the little ones enjoy washing their hands not only in a safe and convenient environment but also in an independent manner. They are made to fit most of the faucets; you don’t need to worry much about getting the right sizefor your faucet.

11. Power Strip Covers

Electricity does not differentiate kids from adults. Therefore, it will give equal treatment to all. Considering how ignorant our young ones are, they are at a higher position of risk. They may end up touching the dangerous codes and power outlets. To make it worse, with bare wet hands. We all know the results.

For safety, Power Strip Cover offers the best way to keep the curious hands from such danger. They make power strips tamper-resistant to offer maximum safety to your baby.

General Safety Tips.

Bathroom safety may not just mean getting the safety equipment; it requires more than that. This means that there are some things that you need to put into practice to ensure maximum safety of your young one.

#1. Always accompany him/her to the bathroom.

Considering the many risks in the bathroom, you should never let your loved young one go to the bathroom alone. But wait, that may not be enough; ensure you don’t leave him/her alone even for a second. Accidents occur in a blink of an eye. For this reason, you should be aware of some of the things that may cause distractions to make you leave the baby alone. It is even better to switch off your phone or turn it to silent mode for just a few minutes.

#2. Be careful with the water temperature

This is another important thing that you should pay much attention to. Considering that babies have a thinner skin as compared to adults, use a reliable temperature detector before letting the young one into the bathtub.

#3. Ensure you lock the bathroom

Babies may be tempted to go into the bathroom when you are not watching over them. This may expose them to risk of getting injuries or even losing their lives. To curb this, ensure that you lock the bathroom after use. Moreover, the lock should be located high for them to reach.

At times, they may lock themselves in the bathroom. What do you do to prevent this? Ensure that the bathroom lock can be opened fromboth inside or outside the bathroom.


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