What Are the Benefits of Sunlight?


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You feel tired? You have the impression of lack of tone? Exposure to the Sun helps you feel better. Here is how and why.

10 to 20 minutes of exposure to the sun in full afternoon of summer or spring, or 2 hours per day in the middle of winter are sufficient to make the full of vitamins D on a daily basis. The light of the day is essential to our development, to the maintenance of our vigilance, and to a mental one at the top. If the time is covered, you can use of the lamps of light therapy. They have the same effects as the rays of the sun. They rebalance all two, the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates our biological clock. The light affects our circadian rhythm. It is therefore normal that in the absence of the latter, the quality of our sleep and our level of awakening are in Berne. Our body is equipped with photoreceptors, it is like that that we can enjoy the benefits of the light.

Positive effects on our health

– A mood at beautiful fixed: Many studies show that the lack of sun can cause seasonal depressions in some people. Link studies. In effect, our organization receives the light from the sun through our skin and through our eyes. Our internal clock to help in the operation of the standby pace/sleep between other, must be shimmed to the rhythm of the sun, that is to say at the pace day/ night, to benefit from a better morale.

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– Increased vigilance: the light stimulates the capabilities of our brain. We think better and retain more easily. It also makes us more alert.

– A Better Energy: the rays of light from the sun boosting our energy, because they allow our organization to secrete the cortisone, the stress hormone. This last is essential because it helps us to respond in the event of danger.

– Of bones and teeth more solids: The ultra-violet radiation UVB rays emitted by the light of the sun allow, when they come into contact with the skin to synthesize Vitamin D. This last, fixed the calcium on the OS. Results: they are stronger. Vitamin D also allows you to attach the phosphorus on the teeth, ensuring them a better health.

– A good quality of sleep: The exterior light decreases or increases the production of melatonin: the sleep hormone. You expose the evening delays your hour of falling asleep and exposes you to drowsiness, decreases in moral…

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