Finally!! 3 Cloud Tech Mysteries Debunked


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“An object of mystery to some while a place of greatest security to others; cloud technology or THE CLOUD is part of our dictionary and something either feared or admired”

Tech-savvy individuals insist on the fact that cloud is entirely secure and useful whereas others worry about potential data hacks, information leaks and other misuse. The fear is valid with all the pessimistic attention business hack or data leak get nowadays. To have one’s corporate operations compromised is a nightmare in many ways.

On the contrary, most non-technical or neophytes in IT industry think of cloud as “not a time bomb waiting to go off” but rather a useful tool! It can rally help corporate sector with strategy deployment, assigning projects, data migration, loss prevention inquiry and collaboration. All of it results in absolute business sustainability and supply chain efficiency.

Since there’re so many myths that surrounds the world of cloud tech, we’ll focus on some of the more persistent ones and figure out the truth from the hyperbole. It’s likely that by end of this read, you’ll utilise cloud technology to your business advantage more confidently.

Myth#1: Cloud is an easy target for cyber criminals
Even as we step into the era of digital revolution, lots of traditional business professionals still believe that the only way to transport files securely is through a USB or external hard drive. This is however completely unrealistic especially for companies that subcontract production process or one having a complicated supply chain. Still, it’s difficult to picture the idea of storing classified information into a nebulous space where anyone can have access. That’s not all, the news of company data breach or hacks like the Heart-bleed may portray a certain amount if uneasiness with cloud computing. It even make it sound like something that’s porous and can be invaded easily.

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In real, the cloud is far more secure than you can imagine especially with all the latest upgrades and improved security features. The reason is its requirements that should meet security standards, placing it above and beyond mere protection for a data centre or physical device. It’s not that the cloud is all without any security issues, the protection level maintained by service providers is far more strict and exceeding the usual criteria.

Nothing can be 100 percent protected and many corporations choose to store their most sensitive information on cloud servers and leaving less critical data within a public data centre. These companies have full command and control over these files along with 24/7 access. If yours is a small business without any IT support to manage private cloud, third party vendors are the finest option for resolute cloud security thus ensuring smooth operations.

Myth#2: Elusive cloud tenants are a big threat
Now that we’re clear with external cloud-based threats, let’s dig in another myth that is “other cloud occupants having access to your data”. Public cloud permit multiple users to share computing services, processing, network resources and storage space. With so many people having access to a public cloud’s data centre, it’s possible someone could sneak in your confidential business files and cause mayhem, right?

Not quite! It’s like this, virtual machines on which your data is stored may share the same server but they’re effectively isolated from one another through layers that keeps the data safe from unwanted access. Experts does recommend keeping truly sensitive information such as financial data or contingency plans for a multi-level business firm on fully secured private cloud.Yet again, nothing is entirely fool-proof but adding a few extra layers of security would definitely lighten up the concerns.

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Myth#3: Storage location is unknown & uncontrollable
For both, local and global companies having international supply chain operations, cloud is an ideal solution allowing employees to share and access data on a single platform. Cloud vendors are always able to tell when, where and how your data is being moved and protected. Corporate firms do ask their employees not to save personal data over cloud servers for security and confidentiality.

Unfortunately, the world of cloud tech is surrounded by rumours and bad reputation in the media however it’s totally the other way around. Many big-time corporations chose to move their entire business operations on the virtual platform powered by cloud and experienced tremendous growth and success ration far greater than ever.

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