9 Photography Trends to Watch for in 2018


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Photography is a new way of pursuing art. D. Scott Carruthers, an experienced professional in photography, has done research on changing trends in photography that will bring innovation and growth, and these are the top 9 patterns that we expect in 2018.

Return of the Vintage

Old technologies like the use DSLR cameras will make a comeback as they use old technology. Black and white photography will prevail with a lot of focus being on timeless photographs. This trend has been in existence for a long time and is expected to grow in 2018. Fine artists will put a lot of work in their craft as the demand is expected to increase. Also, vivid color is supposed to make a comeback. Photographers will shift more focus on smartphones that come with software for editing to produce bright tones with high contrast.

Advanced Software

2018 will bring the development of programs that can select and edit the best photos. It will slowly take humans into the creative process. There will be more prominence in video sharing because many clients love engaging and interactive content. People are most likely to respond to things that they can see and hear more than still photos. A large percentage of people want an original and authentic design. In 2018, you should expect to see timeless patterns that include things like lime marble swirls as the focus will be in expressing nature through photography. Many people will embrace tropical photography as it will be easier to access software that gives lighting effects to match different preferences.

New Formats

Photos will get projected as holograms by use of 3D technology. There are many tools for photography which will be used to create better opportunities. In 2018, the creativity of photographers is likely to increase because people will embrace new advanced ways. In the future, there will be no or minimum trade shows for experienced photographers to participate. There are multiple resources available online leaving people with no reason to take part in trade shows.

White Texture

White texture is a kind of photography that has gained a lot of popularity. Adding 3D effect to the trend will reflect patterns that get seen in nature. It creates a backdrop for different designs and a cool background when creating interfaces. There is also an increase in demand for things that people can relate. Photographers will incorporate movement and emotions in photos to serve the topics addressed by different audiences.

Color Prevails Once More

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Color in 2018 will be back with a disruptive effect. Vintage styled photos will be on demand. There will be a bold combination of colors with designs that will create interest to viewers. Filters are used to fix flaws. However, in 2018, photographers will look for ways to produce images that are clean without making adjustments by editing. They will invest in quality equipment to help them come up with good raw photos that don’t need to go through apps for filtering.

Intelligent Cameras

Cameras will be able to get controlled by brain waves and eye movement. Many people have a mindset that one must have a huge camera to produce high-quality images. However, this is not true. In 2018, there will be smaller cameras that will be more powerful, comfortable to carry and much easier to use. People can share ideas regardless of their location in the globe. Content creators share the scenes they capture to increase networking among photographers, and this is expected to increase even more in 2018. Expect to see significant improvements in quality as photographers will access more support to polish their skills.

Closer Integration

There is a growing trend of people documenting their vacations. This trend is expected to increase in 2018. Unlike the past, cameras allow people to store good memories because it is possible to upload photos on different social media platforms. It is also a way of marketing for most companies because people use the internet when finding great places to visit. People will want to explore unique areas that are not frequently visited by photographers. Innovations such as contact lenses may be used to take photos of parts of the body.

There will be More photojournalism

There will be more storytelling as cameras will be more accessible. Accessing support for young photographers will be easier, especially with the diverse technologies that connect people. Many forums get hosted by experienced photographers. It provides a continual growth for the newbies in the sector because they get support and mentorship from experienced photographers. In 2018, young photographers and other people interested in the field will take their skills to the next level. Accessing information on photography is fast with the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Stronger Sensors

In 2018, expect to see shape shifting cameras with a resolution of hundreds of megapixel and high ISOs for night vision. Commercial photography is a field that creates less interest for photographers. However, many companies want authenticity in brand communication. There will be growth in commercial photography as unedited versions get viewed as more appealing and plausible. Mobile devices such as iPhone and smartphone will have advanced cameras, creating an opportunity for people who cannot afford photography equipment to advance their skills.

According to D. Scott Carruthers, 2018 will be an exciting year because photography is likely to grow due to the availability of advanced technological features. Photography is a field that attracts interest because it is a great way to create and share memories.

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