4 Creative Ways to Increase the Traffic to Your Blog


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The point of starting a blog is to get an audience to read it. So you should do your best to position your blog where your target audience can find it, read your articles, recommend to friends by sharing and keep coming back for more.

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In the good days gone by, having great content was enough to attract sizeable readership to your blog but that’s increasingly becoming hard with more blogs being created every day to compete for the human attention which incidentally is diminishing.

Content creation is the foundation but you need to more than that if you expect your blog to have a huge following. Here are some ways to increase traffic to your blog.

1 Guest post

Accepting guest bloggers in your site is a fantastic way to give your audience a fresh perspective from a new writer. This spices up your content which keeps your audience engaged and hooked to your blog. It also introduces your blog to the guest writer’s audience which further adds to your blog followers.

Guest posting is two-way and you should also find relevant blogs to guest write for with backlinks to your blog. This is also a great SEO strategy.

2 Master SEO techniques

There is not definite way to go about SEO because search engine algorithms keep on changing but there are some basic strategies that remain constant regardless of those changes.

You need to know how to incorporate relevant long-tail keywords into your blog and build links with other relevant blogs. This calls for a deliberate research into the types of keywords that internet users use to find content relevant to your blog.

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When inserting keywords and links into your content, avoid spamming since it often results into your blog getting blacklisted by search engines in addition to watering down the content of your blog. For instance, if you are writing an article about Fallout 3 Stealth Boy, you should find ways to naturally include it in the content without the reader encountering the phrase after every few sentences.

3 Content marketing

The quality of the content in your blog plays a huge role in driving organic traffic to your site. The length and quality of your content should be good enough to keep a visitor in the site long enough.

Poor quality content that is difficult to read and understand loses you the little audience you might have garnered same to very short articles that don’t hold a visitor’s attention for sufficient duration.

More importantly, you also need to post regularly to keep loyal followers. People get tired and move on when they keep visiting your blog and finding the same old content.

4 Paid traffic

Organic traffic is rarely ever sufficient to get you the numbers you want to your blog. That’s where paid campaigns come in, specifically paid per click (PPC) which you only pay for what you get, and nothing else.

Identify the specific aspect of your blog that you want to grow: followers, views, conversions. Then compose a marketing campaign that gives the most numbers for the lowest expenses. You only pay for the numbers you get on that specific metric and nothing else.

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