Netflix Suffers a global decline, the service does not work

Netflix is ​​suffering a global decline since a few minutes ago. What is happening?


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If you were watching your favorite movie or series and suddenly you got an error message like this: “This title is not available to see instantly. Select another title “or similar do not enter in a loop looking for other titles. The online platform for movies and series has been falling for a few minutes. And as we can see in the popular Down Detector fall detector the scope of service problems is worldwide.

Just five minutes ago from Netflix’s own international account it has been recognized that the service is suffering problems . As we have seen, the fall of Netflix does not affect all users of the platform but it does affect a large number of users, also in Spain. The problems occur both on the Smart TV platform, on the web and in the mobile app. The curious thing is that the messages or the error that comes out in each medium is different.

So, for example, in the Smart TV platform the message that has come out is the one that we have written to you at the beginning. Followed at the bottom of the screen by “tvq-pb-103 (1.10.0). You can browse without problems through the movies and the series of all the profiles, but at the moment of starting to reproduce some error appears. In the case of the mobile application, we have also been able to navigate without problems without any impediment, until we start playing a title. At that moment, the message that appears is “There is a problem with video playback. Try again (1.50.501) ” .

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While the worst of the three cases is that of the Netflix website, which appears directly fall without the possibility of navigating between the titles.

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The only thing that we have verified that you can continue to see if you are affected by the fall of Netflix are the contents that you have downloaded on your mobile (we have not been able to check for the moment in the Windows 10 app).

What I can do?

And what can I do with the fall of Netflix? We fear that at the moment only have patience . Being a global problem, there is little to do at a particular level. The company has already recognized that it is a problem on a large scale, so it is expected that they will find a solution as soon as possible.

One way to know if the problem is going to be solved soon is to follow the official Twitter account of Netflix help . It is likely that from the account of Spain also put something but will be late with respect to the main account. On the other hand, if you want to monitor the fall of Netflix in real time you can do it through the Downdetector service . So you can know if there are still many users who are also suffering from Netflix’s problems. For now, we have to keep the popcorn …

UPDATE 0:31 We have been able to access the Netflix platform again, both through the web and on the mobile phone and on the television.

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