How to Get More Genuine Twitter Follower


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Although it seems that social networks have always been there, the truth is that little more than a decade that came into our lives.

Twitter, of course, is not an exception, and that is why today we will see how to get more followers without spamming .

From time to time social media have been appearing for all tastes, some with more luck than others.

However, to date, Facebook and Twitter are still the most popular for both users and companies seeking to do online marketing.

Origin and boom of Twitter

Still do not have a profile on Twitter?

The first thing you obviously have to do is create a Twitter account.

Remember that in addition to opening your own account, you must optimize it correctly in terms of images and descriptions, especially if part of the use you give is professional.

Twitter, a social network created in 2006, focuses mainly on short messages (tweets). In fact, no message can exceed 140 characters.

In just a decade, Twitter has positioned itself as one of the 10 most visited websites worldwide, with more than 55 million visits per month.

One of the keys to its success is the presence, among its ranks, of stars from all areas: journalists, actors, athletes, etc., stars who find in this platform a unique way to be in contact with their fans and be able to express your ideas and opinions.

The importance of this social network in our days is so great that it has become a good source of information search.

In it you can find conversations on almost any topic: from what happened in the heart program of the shift, to more professional conversations between people from the same sector.

Twitter: a complete marketing tool

As this social network is gaining users, naturally increases the interest of brands, who see in it a good way to be in contact with potential customers of their products or services.

Marketing in social networks is something so modern and changing that it requires constant learning. Amen, it has taken a decade that companies and individuals who try to develop their personal brand through Twitter have realized that spam is never the solution.

In fact, this channel should not be used to constantly bombard followers with the same information or topics that are not of their interest, and that is why we think it is possible to establish a decalogue of both good practices and the worst possible ones for get more followers on Twitter.

How to get more followers on Twitter without sacrificing quality?

As we all know, online marketing is often associated with having many followers in social networks with success, although (of course) it would be very prudent to make some qualifications about it.

Although it is very important for a company or person to have followers, special attention should be paid, above all, to their quality.

The community should be formed by people interested in the product or service offered by the company or the professional, so that there is a possibility that, at some point, they may be interested in purchasing it.

How to get followers on Twitter for free?

If you have recently started to promote your brand in this social network and are looking for ways to increase the number of followers, it will probably have crossed your mind to buy followers , and you may have even thought about accepting some of those purchase packs that they swarm through the network.

Its operation is very simple: you pay and, in return, you receive a large number of new followers in your account. But nothing is so nice, because most of those followers are or have a false account or belonging to someone living in Asian countries, who neither understands your language nor is interested in the content you share .

Imagine that you see that an account has thousands of followers, you go to see the type of people who follow it and you realize that most of them are made up of people from India, without the activity or the content of the account having nothing to do with that country.

Surely it will cause a negative impression and you will think that this account has nothing to offer, because (apparently) it is not even capable of attracting local public.

Although the community of followers grows slowly, it is better to have few followers than to count on many who do not serve at all and (worse still) give bad image.

Below I will share some tricks to grow your account …


1 – Choose a good username for Twitter

Before thinking about growing your Twitter account and getting more followers, you should start with the basics.

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You have to think carefully about what user name you are going to choose to use and interact in this social network, because this will be the user name with which all your contents will appear and with which people name you when they cite your contents or who to call your attention.

If this first step is becoming a headache for you and you are still unclear, in my blog I have an article in which I give you advice on how to choose original names for Twitter and highlight your account

2 – Improve your profile

Your profile is your cover letter on Twitter and, therefore, you should not neglect it. Use a quality photo that proves professional (think about the image you want to convey about your company or yourself).

Adequately complete all data. If you use the account to promote your personal or corporate brand, do not forget to include the contact forms , your web address and other information of interest.

In the description about you you can use keywords that help your account is easily visible to those interested in its content.

Always remember that a very complete and quality profile is much more attractive than a profile that seems careless.

3 – Update frequently and not with any content

Surely it has happened to you, on occasion, to see a certain profile and verify that it has not been published for a long time. Having an “abandoned” account gives a very bad image and, of course, is not the best way to gain followers.

Twitter is designed for interaction and that is exactly what users want to see.

Try to share content or expose your ideas or opinions assiduously so that your account has the greatest possible movement, but be careful, because it is not about sharing without more.

The content you share has a great importance.

As a company or professional that wants to sell your products or services, you must avoid spamming at all costs . It’s okay, from time to time, to inform your followers about your news, but never (never) abuse.

Keep in mind that all those people who follow you do so because they have a common interest related to what you offer.

For example, if you have a sports store, it is normal to be followed by sports fans, so it may be a good idea to share information about the world of sports in general.

The content should be interesting so that, if you have added a link to the message, the recipient of the tweet will want to open it and continue reading.

There is a maxim that you should always contemplate: the more interesting the shared content is, the more times it will be shared.

4 – Do not share content without reading it previously

In this section I want to stop a moment to make a reflection, and also confess something …

I have also sometimes shared some content in my Twitter account without having previously read them in full.

Surely you feel a bit identified with this point, since sometimes you may be that by the rush, to try to keep your account ‘alive’ and dynamic, you have shared some posts or valuable content from other professionals that you have not even read or even entered its URL.

As I say, sometimes I’ve done it myself, since there are professionals in the sector who know that when they publish a new post, because of their trajectory or read them frequently, I know that this content will be very good, like the previous ones .

However, you should be aware that when you are sharing content with your community, you are recommending it, therefore, a small part of your Personal Brand will be affected for good or bad, by the content you share on Twitter.

5 – Connect your Twitter account with your website

If you have a blog inside your web page, I strongly recommend that you make it easy for your readers and your community in general to share it with other Twitter users and other social networks.

To do this, you can use well-known plugins such as Sumome, Monarch, Jetpack , etc., which will allow you to share them on one or other social networks with a single click.

In addition tend to be pretty colorful plugins, which will favor usability and sympathy in the design of your blog entries.

In addition to the buttons that add these plugins that I have quoted, you can add another one with which you also edit to your liking the title with which your audience will share your content.

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This is the case of Yoast SEO, which I use myself to edit both the titles and the meta descriptions of the article that others will see when they share.

6 – Do not follow anybody

The rules of etiquette on Twitter make many people follow people or companies that, in turn, have followed them before them.

Although following people to get a follower in return can be a good option when it comes to a very new account, you do not have to take this measure to the extreme.

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It is not about starting to follow hundreds of people suddenly.

You have to find a niche of people who may be related or interested in the topic on which we have focused our account and follow some of them.

If, in addition, there is an “influencer” related to the subject you are dealing with in your account, it suits you to follow it, even if she or he does not follow you.
Manage Flitter
 can be a very useful tool to find people to follow. With it you can search by keywords and start following people who may be interested in your account.

7 – Quote the sources

It is very important that when you share content from other professionals or companies, cite their authorship.

This will make you connect with that person, since Twitter will warn you that you have named them as the author of that content that you have shared.

This is a very good tip for Networking with other colleagues in your same sector or business niche, especially if you do it with references that you want to approach and establish a relationship with.

That reference in turn, when you see that you have shared your content, it is very likely that you retweet it, so that that tweet of yours appears in the timeline of that person.

Therefore, being a reference you can imagine that you will almost certainly have several thousand followers … or at least more than you.

That is why your visibility will increase and a part of your followers will surely want to follow you.

8 – Use hashtags to spread your message

Hashtags (or tags) are the most used tools on Twitter to get the message more widespread, but, when using them, you have to take into account some considerations.

First, use tags related to your message and try not to include more than 2 hashtags per tweet.

It is counterproductive that you abuse the use of hashtags in the same tweet. Note that using too many in only 140 characters may end because your tweet is totally unreadable.

The label, of course, must be inserted naturally. It is very important that the message goes far, but it is still more so that it is a message that is understood.

My recommendation is, as I have said before, to use hashtags that you know in advance that are widely used within your professional sector, or at least within the audience you intend to reach.

An example of a well-used hashtag would be something like “Find out how to get #followers in #Twitter”.

A bad example is “Find out how to get #followers in #Twitter #redessocial #followers #redsocialdiscovery”.

Sometimes you can make use of hashtags or topics that are trending topics to get more dissemination, but if you do, you should exercise extreme caution.

It is always advisable to enter only conversations that relate to topics that may interest the followers of our account, those who are using that hashtag.

Also try to avoid controversial issues, which can generate a lot of conversation but involve positioning from one side or another (such as politics).

This may end up leading to a reputation crisis.

9 – Use the follow fridays

The follow fridays emerged in 2009 and are still used (although it is one of the options I use the least).

It is a practice that I recommend therefore only when you are starting, to grow your number of followers, but not so much when you already have a large number of followers on Twitter.

Through the hashtag #FF or #followfriday you can take the opportunity to thank other tweeters and recommend the audience to follow their accounts.

It never hurts to say that we can not recommend our profile , but what we can do is recommend other accounts that we find interesting. This, without a doubt, can help us gain followers.

10 – Interact with the other users

Sharing good content is one of the best options for those seeking new followers on Twitter, but there is another basic issue that you should not overlook: interaction with your audience.

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The fundamental objective of Twitter is to generate conversation. Therefore, anyone who has an account in this social network should strive to contribute something and dialogue with others.

It is not about getting into a private conversation, but to participate in those conversation topics that are deemed appropriate, answer any doubts or complaints that may be, and even thank a follow-up or retweet.

11 – Power your account through other channels

Once you are on Twitter and start working to have followers, you should not forget about other traditional channels of communication.

You can communicate the launch of your account through a newsletter or share the news with your followers in other social networks.

Of course, you can not miss a direct link to your Twitter account on your website or blog.

Another good option to give your account to know is to use your user identity as a signature on all emails you send.

12 – Use the right tools

Outside Twitter, there are a lot of tools that can be very useful. These will help you a lot when it comes to knowing current issues, statistics about your account (the messages that have been most widely disseminated, the followers you have won in a certain period, etc.).

Even when you try to locate profiles that may be interested in your account they can also be useful.

Twitter Feed, Toloows, Manage Flitter, Crowdfire or are of inestimable help.

13 – Use it as a customer service tool

The Twitter account of a business or company (even your own, if you are a freelance professional) is an excellent channel to give customer service in social networks to your clients or potential clients.

In this way you can contact them through systems such as DM delivery (private messages)

It is a good way in which companies are thus giving added value and attract more potential customers every day.

Good example of this that I tell you is the own account of IFTW , where I know that they provide an excellent service to their customers or potential customers every time they have doubts about their web hosting services.

14 – Attend events both offline and online

As I mentioned earlier, Networking outside the computer screen is one of the best factors to get both followers in this and other social networks, as well as contacts of people related to your sector.

But you can not only attend offline events, but frequently online events are organized, which are broadcast live in streaming through the different channels available for it, where you can learn a lot of tips to grow your business in Internet.

Personally I recommend you not to miss the online Congress “ranking” , which I organize myself, which will take place on April 4 and 5, and where you can see and listen to a multitude of references showing your digital marketing strategies

15 – Be patient

Of course, I could not miss this last recommendation.

Remember that when it comes to doing online marketing and promoting your brand, the rush is not good, so take your presence in this social network as a long-term project and do not rush to grow extremely fast.

Life in social networks runs like life in the real world: the good (and well done) is done little by little.

If you act following the example of what we have explained, you will not have any problem when it comes to getting more followers on twitter in a firm and natural way.

In conclusion

The behavior that you carry out on Twitter, as in life, can be based on long roads and other shorter paths or shortcuts.

Sometimes, taking shortcuts is fine and in the short term they make it easier for you to achieve your final goals.

However, you must be very careful and take into account what kind of tricks or shortcuts you take, since a strategy focused on quick tricks is not always the most effective.

A very frequent example that I do not recommend is the typical “follow / unfollow”, following users with the sole objective of being followed and then you take away your follow-up .

My recommendation is always and will be that you draw a good medium / long term strategy, both on Twitter and on the other social networks where you have a presence.

In this way and using mostly naturalness, you will connect better with your audience, making them in the end see you as a reference in your profession.

And within that naturalness, you must always be motivated and eager to connect and add value to other users, putting your knowledge at the service of others.


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