10 Simple & Easy Tips to Get Creative Ideas


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In this rapidly developing era, we are required to be creative individuals so that it can easily compete with others. Because at this time creative ideas become very high value.

However, to get an idea is not easy. But, you can still get creative ideas so you can submit them to the boss or to start your business. Well, here are easy tips for getting creative ideas.


Tips on getting the first creative idea is to imagine. The point is you can imagine content or products that are already on the market, then you imagine what can be developed from the content or product.

Pay attention to the surroundings

Easy tips to get a second creative idea is to pay attention to your surroundings Friends. There are still a lot of ideas that we can make even those that people haven’t thought about. Begin to be sensitive to the surroundings, see what things can take from around whether it’s social or cultural.

Change the Old Idea into the New

The third tip is to change an old idea into a new idea. An idea that has been patented by someone actually you can still develop tablets. Yups, you can notice what is lacking in someone’s idea. If you find the flaws, you should also be able to develop them into new ideas.

Expanding Relationships

The fourth easy way to get creative ideas is to broaden relationships. This point is not much different from the second point, the point is that you pay attention to the environment and get new relationships, that means you will be easier to get input in the form of criticism and suggestions.

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Well, this criticism and advice should be able to change into a new idea. So, broaden your relationship, dear friend, because the more relations you have, the more you think beyond the existing boundaries.

Cause Curiosity

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Quick tips to get the fifth creative idea is to arouse curiosity. The point is you have to ask lots of questions with what is around you and your relationships. Because, by asking you will better understand to distinguish between what you know and what you don’t know. Curiosity will also make you find a gap, what things can be used as an idea.

Start Observing

The sixth tip is to start observing. Yups, after you look around, expand relations and always ask questions, you also have to start observing friends. Understand everything that is happening around, both living and inanimate objects. Make it look as if you have never seen it all.

Exploring Knowledge and Insight

Easy tips to get the seventh creative idea is to explore knowledge and insights. Try to find thoughts, facts, opinions and other information through other people and the media. Don’t forget to always read about what you are interested in, because in this way you will further broaden your mind’s perspective, Friend.

Note Important Things

Tips for getting the eighth creative idea is to note the important things. This is very useful, friend, why? Because, when you have explored knowledge from several relations or seen the environment, you must immediately record it. This is a note that there are some important lists that you should consider. In addition, to avoid if you forget at any time.

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Follow Your Heart

Easy tips to get the eighth creative idea is to follow your heart. After you dig your knowledge and find out through other people and the environment, if your conscience is correct, follow it!


Tips on getting the tenth creative idea is to pray. Yups, this is a form of your gratitude to God Almighty. Because, for giving reason and given healthy favors. If you always pray and are grateful, you will always get a clear mind, so it is also easy to get new ideas.

The point is that you have to pay attention to what things can we make ideas, both in terms of weaknesses and strengths of the content or products of others. Hopefully after you follow these tips, you will get lots of creative ideas, friend!

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