7 secret tricks for your Samsung Galaxy S8

Here are 7 secret tricks for your Samsung Galaxy S8


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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is not that old yet. It was officially unveiled at the end of March 2017. Nevertheless, his successor, the Galaxy S10, is already in the starting blocks. If you do not care and you want to get to know your Galaxy S8 a bit more intense, then here are some hidden features of the Samsung smartphone for you.

So much can your Samsung Galaxy S8 really, Aside from the normal features, your Galaxy S8 also has features that you may be experiencing for the first time.

# 1: The hovering camera shutter

In your camera settings hides a floating, hovering button to trigger. You can place it on the screen where you want it, before you tap on it and take a picture.

If you still have your camera screen open, use the built-in trigger button to get in and out. Just swipe it up or down on the button.

# 2: Use multiple windows at the same time

On the screen of your S8, you can easily keep two apps side by side without giving up much of the view. To do this, tap on the app change icon in your navigation bar below. Then you select the character with the two rectangles in the header of the desired app. The app will now pinned to the upper screen area, while you can navigate further in the lower as usual.

To close the setting, you pull down the Info Center from the homescreen and type “Multi-Windows” on the X.

# 3: Change the navigation buttons

The Galaxy S8 has built-in navigation buttons such as the Home and Back buttons on the screen. You can move these as well as apps, for example to change their order. By the way, you can also adjust the color of the navigation bar.

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# 4: Play music on two devices

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Ever played music on two Bluetooth devices at the same time? Your Galaxy S8 can do that. Call Bluetooth on (it should be on), tap the menu button and select “Dual Audio”.

# 5: One-handed use made easy

If you want to operate the Galaxy S8 with just one hand, you can do it too. With the “one-handed mode” function, the screen size is reduced so that you can get closer to all apps and buttons. If the mode is activated, you can open it by, for example, tapping your home button three times.

# 6: Share files up to 1GB

Samsung’s cloud service has a sharing feature that allows you to share files up to 1GB in size. Actually, it’s primarily about sharing videos with others. The downside: You have to create a Samsung account.

# 7: Remember

The Samsung Reminder App Reminder helps you keep things in mind and save them for later. You can even put the feature in your edge bar. It appears as one of the possible apps in the bar menu.

Conclusion: Use the full potential of your Samsung Galaxy S8

Who would have thought that your old smartphone has new tricks to offer? The Galaxy S8 can definitely do more than you might have guessed.

Incidentally, it is like the Samsung Galaxy S9 in pre-Christmas price drop . If you are looking for a gift, the smartphone offers.

Another advantage: You can easily change your Samsung battery yourself . And among the 15 smartphones that emit the most radiation is not a Samsung device.

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