Battery Doctor : Tips to Save Battery in Android Phones


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The Battery Doctor app can be used by Android smartphone owners to optimize the battery life of their cell phones. This free tool has some economy modes that disable power-consuming functions such as Bluetooth connection, excess screen illumination and other important features of the device.

With the hint, users stay longer without charging the battery, leaving the smartphone free to be used to access social networks, check emails and continue conversations in messengers. Check out how to use Battery Doctor to save battery power from your Android phone.

Android Tips to increase battery life

Step 1. Open the application and touch the “Save Mode” option. In the next window, four modes are displayed. The first, called “Classic Style,” closes background applications, turns off Bluetooth, reduces brightness by 50% of the screen and activates silent mode.

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Use the “Long Duration” mode to save more by turning off Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, and reducing screen brightness to 30%.

With the “Sleep” option, the savings are even greater. However, the feature is only indicated for moments of rest, since it disables all forms of connection to the web and the network of the operator (including messages). The brightness of the screen is also reduced to 30%.

The “Custom” option will save the user-defined settings on the Android system.

Step 2. After selecting the desired function, you can check which Android functions it turns off to save battery power. To do this, simply touch the arrow icon, as indicated in the image below.

At this point, the device will follow what has been established by the Battery Doctor and will increase battery life during use.

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