10 tricks for Android that you probably did not know


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If you have an Android phone, you may already know many of the tricks and shortcuts of the operating system. However, the truth is that surely there are many that you still do not know. Here in this article will discuss 10 tricks and shortcuts of Android that you probably did not know.

1 Simple zoom in the images

Do you think that to zoom you have to use two fingers? Well, it’s not like that. At least, not in Android 7.0 Nougat. One of the novelties of the latest version has to do with the possibility of zooming with just one finger. All we have to do is double-click on the screen and keep pressed. Now, when we slide up the zoom will increase, and when we slide down the zoom will be reduced.

2 Select the level of importance of notifications

We already know that Android 7.0 Nougat has come with improvements in the panel of notifications and shortcuts, but improvements have also been added in regards to those notifications. In fact, we can set different levels of importance for notifications from different apps. We are the ones who decide if ban application can show a notification even when we are in full screen, if you can only use an audio announcement, or even if you do not have any of those possibilities.

Depending on how relevant the app is to us, we can establish the level of importance. It is not the same WhatsApp message or email, which can be very important, that the notification of a video game, which may be somewhat irrelevant. With the System UI Tuner we can make important settings for notifications of different applications.

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3 Quick release of the camera

Before some smart phones included a physical button to activate the camera and take photos. Not now. However, having to turn on the screen, read our fingerprint, and access the camera, can be something that takes a long time. We can save this in Android 7.0 Nougat because we have a shortcut. By pressing the power button twice in a row, we will access the camera directly. It’s almost like having a physical camera button.

4 Keyboard gestures

We learned to write by gestures, sliding through the letters of the word we want to write. But the Google keyboard, the new G board, has added more options. We can move through the text as if it were a cursor using space. When sliding in space to the right or left we will be moving as if we were using the arrows on the keyboard. And if we slide to the left from the delete key, we can erase words and complete sentences.

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5 Change the density of pixels

One of the most remarkable novelties of Android 7.0 Nougat has to do with the possibility of changing the density of pixels. That is simple. We can change the screen resolution, and move from a Quad HD to a Full HD or HD. With this we will save battery and resources, mainly when playing video games. For this you only have to go to Settings> Screen.A Some smartphones have even changed their default resolution when upgrading to Android 7, to save more battery power.

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6 Information of the app easily

If you want to see information about an application that is running, you will have to know what the precise name of that app is, go to Settings> Applications> and here locate the application in the section where it is. A somewhat complex process and more when it has now been simplified. Access multitasking with the Android button designed for it, next to the Home button. Once here, hold down in the upper left corner of a certain app. Then go to the upper right corner, because there will appear a button with which we can directly access information about the app.

7 Switch to the latest app quickly

Switching between applications is not complex. We will use the multitasking button to see all running applications and access one of them. However, if we want it to be even faster, we only have to press twice on the multitasking button and we will directly go to access the last application that we had running. In this way, we can switch between two apps quickly.


8 Multi window with a gesture

Activating the multi window function with which we can use two applications simultaneously is not something simple. However, we can provide it from the System UI Tuner. We can activate an option with which to access the multi window by just sliding up. A very quick way to run several apps simultaneously.


9 Copy text in multi window

Since we talk about multi window, there is something that is most useful, and that reminds us a lot of the functions of windows in any operating system. It is about being able to copy a piece of text and pass it from one window to the other. In this case, pass it from one application to another. If we have a text written in a note, or in a message, we can pass it to another application just by selecting it and dragging it to the other window.

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10 Open two Chrome windows simultaneously

Finally, although also using the multi window function, we should know that it is very easy to use two Chrome windows simultaneously. All we have to do is run the multi window, and when we have two windows on our screen, we click on the Options button, which appears in the Chrome bar, and here we choose, send a page to the other window. In this way we can see two web pages simultaneously on the screen.



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