Foldable Smartphones: Huawei Working on after Samsung


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The manufacturer of Chinese Phones Huawei will perhaps be the first “in the world” to launch a smartphone foldable. The 3e global manufacturer plans to announce its terminal foldable in November next, according to the Agency of Korean press ETNews (via PhoneArena).

If the concept of a folding smartphone, which could double the size of the screen without calling into question the compact format that made the success of the Smartphone, seems familiar, it is because another of the industrial sector is active since several years already to make it a reality: Samsung.

Huawei is in a race against Samsung

The president of Samsung Mobile, DJ Koh, has even publicly announced the projects of the Korean company of a Galaxy phone foldable. The leader was considered, however, that the output of the Galaxy X would not take place before 2019. But according to ETNews, Huawei hope take speed its competitor.

Huawei, the third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, has an imperative need of victories in the face of a number of the sector. The Chinese has been forced into the beginning of the year to draw a line on its ambitions for the American market because of the roadblock set up by the American government.

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For Huawei, a victory in the foldable smartphones would be the opportunity to take a new frontier in an industry which slows down. But, such a success would also allow it to supplant the first two builders, and this without the benefit of a presence in the US. A symbol.

Technically, a folding phone is not a revolution, except to propose actually a device able to fold back on itself. End 2017, ZTE has presented the axon MR. It includes two screens and opens as a book to create the illusion of a screen extra-wide.

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The main difference between the axon M and prototypes developed by Huawei and Samsung resides in the screen of the folding phone. As well, the collapsible model of Samsung would use its OLED display technology hose.

Huawei, as for him, operate screens hoses of LG Display, according ETNews. This would theoretically to the phone and its screen to withdraw to the outside or to the interior on itself, unlike the axon M which relies on two rigid screens separated and a hinge.

A foldable design could also assist manufacturers of smartphones to open new avenues of innovation. The first brand to succeed in creating a market segment of foldable smartphones will open access to early adopters, in search of recent trends. It is thanks to the Galaxy Note that Samsung has thus been able to take advantage of the interest of the first users of phablettes.

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