Google Connects Users with Job Offers

Google connects users with job offers thanks to a new functionality in the search engine


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Google connects users with job offers. Currently, the Internet has become an indispensable tool for active job search, for employers to find the talent they need and for all those web pages that offer available vacancies reach a greater number of potential candidates.

That’s why Google launched a new functionality within the search engine which aims to facilitate the search of existing job offers to Internet users, quickly and easily.

If you are a student looking for a part-time job, a plumber looking for a job near you or an engineer who moves to another city to be close to your family, finding the professional offers that best suit your needs can be difficult .

Currently, the Internet has become an indispensable tool for active job search, for employers to find the talent they need and for all those web pages that offer available vacancies reach a greater number of potential candidates.

From Google, they help us, through the search engine, Spanish users can access all those job offers that best suit their needs quickly and easily through a new functionality in our search engine that facilitates the search for job offers .

Through it, once the user has made a search for a particular job (Example: responsible for marketing in Coruña), you can view all offers from employment agencies, temporary agencies, aggregators etc. that have been added to this new experience as it is the case of Linkedin, Adecco, Opcionempleo, Hosteleo, Jobatus or Buscador de among others.

For his part, Andreu Cruañas, President of ASEMPLEO (Association of Employment Agencies and Temporary Employment Companies has commented “Greater dissemination of job offers, based on professional criteria, will be very positive for our labor market.”

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“From JOBATUS we are delighted to join this initiative of global job search offered by Google and that has finally reached our country. At JOBATUS we have always believed that the job search should be centralized in one place for the job seeker and we hope that Google for Jobs will cover that need. “Commented Carlos Doncel, Project Manager JOBATUS Spain

In addition, Javier Aragón, CEO of trabajodetrabajo. he says “It is exciting Google’s initiative to unify job offers in a single space so that the candidate can access all the portals in a single search. For a portal like ours a great opportunity because if it’s good for the user then it’s good for us. ”

To improve this experience, the user can choose between multiple filters such as: category, location, date of publication, type of contract and company. In addition, you can create alerts according to your needs and you will be able to resume the search performed at any time.

As we know that location is an important factor, thanks to the synergy with Google Maps, the user will be able to better define their search by clicking on the “location” filter (as long as the geolocation is activated). In this way you can see the existing offers in a range that ranges from 3 to 300 kilometers depending on where you are located. And if your search has no borders, Google for Jobs also allows job searches in the US, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, where this functionality has already been launched.

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Since Google presented this new experience in the US in July of last year they have seen 60 percent more employers showing job offers in the search, connecting tens of millions of people with new job opportunities.

In order for more jobs to appear over time, Google leaves the documentation detailing how to make work offers visible in this new functionality. Google for Jobs is part of Google’s initiatives that, for more than 20 years, aim to create products, platforms and services that help users and companies grow professionally, through digitization.

From Google Spain have always bet on helping society to be more competitive and advanced to face the professional challenges of the present and future . Through projects framed within the initiative Grow with Google of the company, such as Google Actívate , have trained since 2014 to more than 300,000 people in digital competitions of which 34,000 have found employment or have undertaken, thanks to their free courses in competitions digital

With the program Genius have helped to train in code and programming more than 9,000 children at risk of social exclusion. And with Digitization, they want to reach 5,000 rural women to help them in their digital literacy.

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