10 Microsoft Products that have marked the Generations

Microsoft founded by Bill Gates completes 43 years


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The Microsoft completing 43 years this Wednesday. The founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates has revolutionized the industry with a series of technologies that are part of everyday life for millions of people. In addition to Windows and Office, the company with headquarters in Redmond, in the United States, behind several other devices, software and games, such as the Xbox, the OneDrive and Flight Simulator.

To recall the history of Microsoft, the listed some of its products with greater success. Check out some releases that have marked time and helped the small company founded in New Mexico to become one of the largest technology giants of the world.

Recall nine things that everyone was in the era of Internet access.

1. MS-DOS:

MS-DOS is not an original creation of Microsoft. The base of the software was purchased from Seattle Computer Products. However, only after passing into the hands of Allen and Gates the system became one of the milestones of informatics. The first version, MS-DOS 1.0 was released in 1982 to come loaded on computers from IBM.

The idea was to create a simple environment where the user could control the basic functions of the computer, how to make the management of hardware and open programs, all through command lines. The software then passed to integrate later operating systems released by Microsoft.

2. Flight Simulator:

Considered one of the greatest flight simulators of all time, the series Flight Simulator also has the Microsoft as mentors. To get an idea of the importance of the game for the company, the Flight Simulator precedes even the main operating system from Microsoft. The first version of the game was released in 1982 for MS-DOS, three years before the premiere of the Windows. The differential of the game was the unique game play and realism, with planes and airports, very similar to the original

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3. Windows 95:

Windows 95 is considered one of the greatest commercial successes of Microsoft. With a striking advertising campaign, entitled with the Rolling Stones, the operating system has sold 40 million copies only in the first year.

The highlight of the Windows 95 was the introduction of the Start Menu (Start) and the task manager, two features that have changed the way users deal with the computer. Furthermore, the system allowed plugging external devices with a certain ease on account of support for Plug and Play. In 2017, after 22 years of release, at least seven machines still shot the Windows 95.

4. Office:

The Office is one of the most known products from Microsoft. Launched at the beginning of the decade of 90, the idea was that the most common software, such as Word, Excel and Power Point, which already existed previously, they were sold together. The proposal went right. Today, more than 1 billion people around the world use applications of Office package. Subsequently, Microsoft has added more members, such as the Outlook and the Acces, and launched the Office 365, a response to the growth of G Suite, Google.

5. Windows XP:

Windows XP also marked a generation. Launched in October 2001, the operating system sold over 200 million copies in two years. The XP was one of the first to have a version compatible with 64-bit processors, which can handle a larger amount of RAM memory. More user-friendly graphical interface, multimedia capabilities and ease of access to the Internet has been one of the news that the system has brought.

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On account of the stability, the XP is one of the most acclaimed versions of Windows. Even today, 17 years after the launch, it is estimated that the system is present in about 6% of all computers in the world.

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6. Xbox:

Xbox original, released in 2001, did not do much success in Brazil. However, there is no denying the importance of the console to Microsoft. The video Game brought as a differential, in addition to the enhanced graphics, the Xbox Live. The technology that allowed a stable connection of the players over the Internet was one of the great surprises of the season. The model sold over 24 million units – well below the Play station 2 – and had the production ended in 2009.

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7. Halo:

Along with the Xbox, Microsoft, by Bungie, also launched Halo, one of the most exclusive sagas of success for the console. In the game, the player Incarnates in the skin of the Master Chief in a first-person shooter with futuristic battles.

The game introduced a series of improvements in fps, as a better control of the character at the time of action and multiplayer online through Xbox Live. Without doubt, one of the most successful series of games.

8. Xbox 360:

If in the first version Microsoft has not managed to beat front with Sony, the same did not happen with the Xbox 360. The console launched in 2005 was a competitor of weight of Playstation 3, even in front of the rival in number of sales in a few years.

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Xbox 360 was the first console from Microsoft to beat front with Playstation (Photo: Disclosure/Microsoft Xbox 360) was the first console from Microsoft to beat front with Playstation (Photo: Disclosure/Microsoft
Xbox 360) was the first console from Microsoft to beat front with Playstation (Photo: Disclosure/Microsoft)
As a highlight, the videogame brought an Xbox Live even better, making the online battles more stable and encouraging the distribution of games for digital media, direct from the Internet to your HD device.

9. Kinect:

the Kinect was also another product from Microsoft that did quite successfully. The device added to the Xbox 360, allow the user to execute commands only with the movement of the body. The gadget brought a camera, depth sensor and microphone and could accurately detect the displacement of the members of the players. Kinect Adventures, Dance Central and Just Dance games were some who knew how to make good use of the resource.


10. Windows 7:

Windows 7 had the difficult task of recovering the credibility of Microsoft, after the fiasco of Windows Vista. Unlike the previous system version, focused mainly on stability, instead of visual resources without much usefulness. Among the novelties were a new Start menu, with quick access to the most used programs , support for touchscreen displays and shortcuts of applications on the taskbar. Windows 7 is still one of the most venerated versions by users. Only in February 2018, the Windows 10 took the lead and went on to be the most used in PCs.

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