Applications which enriches in trading proliferation


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The world is overshadowed with smartphones and its applications. An enormous number of application sways in the app store availing us with different ideas to capture our needs. And naturally, there is extensive number application, in particular, pertaining the needs of businessman and entrepreneurs. However the number might show up a humongous range, there were a lot of other applications which were futile and doesn’t seem to bring any betterment in their trading zone.

In the generation of smartphones, it’s imperious for an application that deals with integrated business concepts which come up with in and out ideas of trading. To develop an application which is sane enough to bring a revolutionary, there are certain cruxes to be considered before developing it. The reason behind the emphasis on developing an application is so very obvious that people have drifted themselves to spend more time online rather other media. And customers find it easy when a market of abounding products would approach them in fewer clicks rather they get to know about the products in person which is available in the market. So we can make the progress profitable through online and applications. And it’s a well-known fact that almost seventy percent of the population in the world use mobile phones and this year the usage of mobile phones have drastically increased three times than its number in its preceding year. Coming years would still bring in a hike in the number, intensifying more number of applications in subsequent years.

More intense into the statistics

Raw data of analytics says that about eighty percent of mobile phone users use applications. Mobile applications are monopolizing the mankind, we depend so much on application nowadays right from shopping our jewelry, clothes to petty things liking booking a cab we prefer to do them online. There is a primal reason trailing us to use applications, we can acquire information about anything through online.

Coming to the analytics which is authentic and legitimate, the flurry statistics on application says that there was a healthy hike in 2014 for the application which shows seventy-six percent of inflation in its progress. There was one-hundred and seventy-four percent of an increase in online shoppers of that year and after which comes the utility and productivity app sessions which rank second with one-hundred and twenty-one percent increase in its stream. Other application like social media, messaging app, fitness and health, sports and games also seamlessly shows a healthy improvement.

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What makes it mandate to create applications for business?

It’s clear that mobile phones especially smartphones have a strong impact on mankind of recent times. What makes us going? We need to get connected to our audience at the first place. To get connected with our audience we need to get into the trend and move on with the current progression. Making our costumers engaged with us is all we need. After which everything would be a cake walk.

The prime focus within which the developer has to fixate as far as business is concerned, the application has to retain its customers for long-run and make them engaged by intimidating every other information at their tip of the fingers.

Commencing to the reasons why we need an application for proliferations of a business enterprise, there are a few points as follows: Gaining loyal customers, we can retain our buyers and the transaction would be authenticated where we can track our customer’s location through GPS mapping to the trade we start from. It’s easy to reach our regular buyers whenever we announce new products and offers by flashing them in our application so that the customer can get it to know them when he opens the app. Applications is a way too easy to increase the productivity and to engender leads as it seems to be pretty easy to get anything through online so many would trade things online eventually inflating the productivity.

The retailer can easily get to know the feedbacks from every of its user after each purchase. Mobile applications are fruitful for every online business for this reason because the dealer can have enough notification about the product which is been traded and gets a suggestion from the end user so that he could straighten out the product from the purchaser’s perception. In this increasing competition online shopping seems to look fair-minded as people started to prioritize every brand equal and get every brand products through online. An estimate says since the day online shopping has started sixty-two percent of the population can change their mind on the brands they prefer usually.

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Keeping the discussions about applications concerned with business enterprise aside let’s have a deep dive into the application pertaining to business executives.


As we know Evernote is one of the most prominent applications for traders. As from its name the application is a digital notebook where the user can jot down the points and hints and can refer to it later even without internet connection. This application provides ample understandability and supports pictures and other media. The user can look for the listicle of notes of anytime he wishes for without any inconvenience because the application organizes the notes in lucid order.

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Evernote is a desktop as well as mobile application. The user can synchronize his account from desktop to mobile phone without any disruption and loss of data.  There is an exclusive panel for business persons were the executive can create a team in the business account and can share their data simultaneously to many.


This is an e-commerce site and also an application which runs with a centric idea of privileging travelers and now it is useful for business executives. Justfly comes up with a booking of flight tickets easily and also notifies its user with the flights with runs with low fares. This application is worthwhile for the traders who often get themselves in a hurry and book tickets at the neck of the moment. The application also enables its user to transact money through online or PayPal.


Business people often get to places where they’ve never been. Sometimes they forget to book a cab or taxi, . In spite of that if you forgot to rent a taxi, don’t panic! Here is Hotspot. It is an application which would direct us from the point where we started to the destination. Or it would direct to a taxi. And to the surprise, it also estimates the taxi fare to the destination we are supposed to reach.

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It is an application which is almost a clone of the world famous iOS artificial intelligent personal assistant, Siri. Apart from the voice assistance Robin helps in sending mail to our business team and other relating to it. The application can take down notes on dictation and also cautions and updates its user with traffic updates and directs us during parking our vehicle.

Hotel Tonight

This application seems to be fruitful for those who travel for business deals existing from a small business enterprise. Hotel Tonight notifies its user with hotel rooms which are available at affordable costs. The app helps us book tickets even a week in advance and also avails last minute booking of rooms. Quiet often business trips are planned at the last moment. The trader would have already been tied up with a lot of deals and meetings for that and it would hectic if they will have to search for a room at late hours. The application also renders the detailed note of every hotel available at that locality and its reviews.

In conclusion

We have smarter day by day. As in the smartphone revolution has done so much to us. And so as to the business enterprises and the traders. There are apps where we can grow a business and there also apps which help the merchandisers when they fly to different countries. Depending upon the utility of each application we must put it in use befittingly.


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