Top 4 VR Social Experiences


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Virtual reality continues to grow in several sectors, and it is already possible to chat with another person in the same place even if you are physically on the other side of the world, all thanks to the VR glasses.

Today we want to show you 4 social networks with different characteristics, such as games rooms, different scenarios and characters that offer us different points of view:

Oculus Rooms

For those who have Oculus Go, this application is appropriate. From its platform we can enter the room to chat with friends, being possible to prepare the room as we want, this way we can invite friends and surprise them with the decoration. Another of its novelties is that you can start game games in multiplayer mode.


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We can create an avatar and customize it with the different types of clothes and garments available. It is possible to converse in different types of scenarios, adding emojis and postures to let the users know the conformity with the topic they are talking about. This social network is available for all types of virtual reality glasses.

Rec Rooms

This application is fully compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Live, Windows MR and PSVR. It allows us to enjoy an extensive amount of video games, since it is constantly updated every so often. We have soccer games, tennis, basketball, paintball and the most popular of all: Battle Royale, which is based on the movie of the Hunger Games.

We can also share nice moments around the table with our friends no matter the distance.

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It is the oldest application and at the same time the most worked, since it has a second life similarity. The application was launched in 2015.

It allows us to dialogue with people from all over the world and at the same time participate in games and activities, we can also keep in a room only meditation and relaxation topics. It is available for different VR glasses.

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